What is the weakness of ‘Samurai Japan’ from the perspective of manager Kim Seong-geun (80), who learned baseball in Japan, blossomed in Korea, and worked as a leader in Japan again.

In an interview with Korean-Japanese columnist Kim Myung-wook, head coach Kim Seong-geun analyzed the weaknesses of the Japanese WBC national team based on his experience of working for Softbank Hawks until last year in an interview with Korean-Japanese columnist Kim Myung-wook, published in the sports magazine Number.

The strength of the Japanese national team is the starting lineup, which includes Shohei Otani (Angels) and Yu Darvish (San Diego) who hit one-two punches, as well as Loki Sasaki (Chiba Lotte), the “youngest perfect game” and Yoshinobu Yamamoto (Orix), who won the “Sawamura Award for two consecutive years.” In addition, five major leaguers, including Seiya Suzuki (Cubs), Masataka Yoshida (Boston), and Las Nutba (St. Louis) are selected and are expected by the local media as ‘the strongest ever’.

카지노 In an interview, coach Kim Seong-geun said, “There are luxurious pitching staff like Ohtani and Darvish, and even if you look at the batting line, there are players like Murakami who are talked about.” It was the same in the old WBC. Even the best member can lose.”

Regarding coach Hideki Kuriyama’s leadership, he said, “During the five years I was in Japan, should I say polite? We also need to pay attention to Kuriyama’s ability.”

It was said that there was a weakness in the composition of the beast. Manager Kim Seong-geun said, “There are few players who can run. There are many home run hitters, so they look like luxurious members, but international competitions are not so easy. The outfield defense looks weak. Gensuke Kondo (Softbank) and Yoshida have strong shoulders. no,” he said.

He also explained, “When Shuto Kyo (Softbank) enters the outfield, there is no major runner. I think Korea will be easier to deal with.” Number recommended an outfielder with quick feet as a replacement for Suzuki, who was likely to fall from the horse due to injury.

Manager Kim Seong-geun, who looked at Japan’s military power calmly, also acknowledged the pitching staff. Manager Kim Seong-geun said, “It’s self-explanatory that Ohtani, Darvish, and Sasaki are all good players. All pitches are good. In the WBC, where the number of pitches is limited, it is important to change pitchers. Since good pitchers will continue to come out, the Korean lineup will target. It’s not easy to do,” he said. As for Yamamoto, he praised him as “the best pitcher in Japan.”

Director Kim Seong-geun lastly said that ‘organizational power’ is Japan’s weakness. He said, “These days, Japanese players say they are tired even if they have a bad point, and they want to finish training. In Korean baseball, when a problem is pointed out, they do it thoroughly until it is fixed. I think,” he said.

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