‘Owner’ Hyeon-jun Moon and ‘Kumayushi’ Min-hyeong Lee had a war of words over a meme featuring Hyun-jun Moon.

T1 uploaded a ‘T1 Insider’ video on the official YouTube on the 21st, telling the story of the kt Rolster match on the 20th and the related behind-the-scenes. In the video of the day, ‘Owner’ Hyeon-jun Moon, who celebrated his 700th day of debut, and Min-hyeong ‘Kumayushi’, who was a POG in the 2nd set, talked.

Lee Min-hyung, who said that he laughed even after losing the first set, explained, “I think I did well in the second set because I tend to get angry when I lose the first set or the opponent’s distance dealer does well, and I think I have to do well in the next round.”

The question was directed to Moon Hyun-jun, who celebrated his 700th day of debut. Celebrating the 700th day of debut, fans held a cafe event, and Moon Hyun-jun expressed his gratitude, “He posted a photo at the cafe and said congratulations. I went there once or twice, but every time I went, it felt good and I thought I should do well.” I can’t believe it’s been 700 days since I was a pro in the military. I first came when I was 19, but I can’t believe I’m already 22 and I feel like time flies.”

Regarding the meme of ‘I throw the owner first’, Moon Hyun-joon commented, “I think such a meme came about because I have to open the initials and clean up the liners,” and added, “It seems like a meme that came about because I open the initials amazingly well. It seems to be correct to some extent, and I will accept it as a good meaning.” 슬롯사이트

Lee Min-hyung, who was listening, said, “

The tiki-taka of the two players continued. Moon Hyun-joon recalled the time when he joined T1 and said, “(Lee Min-hyung) was a senior and suddenly came and gained weight.”

In a POG interview after the win against kt on the 20th, Lee Min-hyung, who performed New Jeans’ OMG dance with Ryu “Keria” Min-seok, said, “I recently watched New Jeans’ OMG and the dance was cute and fun. Somehow, the opportunity came and I danced,” he said behind the scenes.

Moon Hyun-joon and Lee Min-hyung, who said they had no special plans for the Lunar New Year holiday, left a message saying, “I hope you have a good Lunar New Year holiday, and I hope you do not get hurt and do your best this year as well.”

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