Real Betis posted a video of Joaquin’s retirement on the club’s SNS on the 20th (Korean time) and wrote, “Art is forever. Thank you, Captain.” It was the moment when Joaquin’s retirement, born in 1981, became official. This marks the end of Joaquin’s 23-year professional career. 카지노사이트

Joaquin is a Spanish striker who has been playing well for a long time. He made his professional debut in 1999 with his Betis B team. After that, he went through Real Betis, Valencia, Malaga and Fiorentina before moving to Betis again in 2015 and making a comeback. In the meantime, he played a whopping 839 games for the club. In particular, he played 480 games at Betis alone, scoring 65 goals and contributing 45 assists. He played 218 matches while wearing the Valencia uniform.

He is remembered by domestic fans as a handsome Spanish player who missed the penalty shootout at the 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea-Japan. The player will make his retirement at the point of 20 years after the Korea-Japan World Cup was held. As such, Joaquin had a long and intense career as a player. Joaquin joined his family, Betis teammates and manager Manuel Pellegrini at the retirement press conference prepared by Betis.

“It’s hard to say I’ve come this far,” Joaquin said. “I think it’s really difficult to separate football from life. It was nice to be able to contribute to the team of my life. Looking back, it wasn’t easy. I remember the moment I first joined the Betis first team. I remember bragging to my father. Over the years, there must have been moments when I was wrong. But I don’t regret it. I was really happy thanks to the Betis fans, “he said with tears in his eyes.

He continued, “Joaquin leaves, but Betis remains. It will be forever. Long live Betis!” The crowd at his retirement press conference applauded. Andres Guardado and Sergio Canales commented, “Joaquin’s speech was touching. Not being here next year… I hate to think. I can already feel his absence.” Director Pellegrini said, “Joaquin is having a breakup that fits his career.”

Joaquin added, “Retirement was not a light decision. Due to personal circumstances, I decided that now is the best time. I’m 41 years old. It wouldn’t be strange if I retired at any time. I don’t want to put any conditions on my retirement. I hope to play in the UEFA) Champions League (UCL). I think I will miss football very much. I will miss the smell of wet grass and the smell of the locker room. I will quickly forget it,” he concluded the press conference.

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