Cho Jae-ho scored 5 consecutive hits on the final cue of the 5th set, defeating Lee Jong-joo, who hung on to the end, 3-2, and passed the round of 32.

Maminkam was the only foreign champion to pass the round of 32.

Refence lost 0-3 to the original champion Choi Won-Jun.

In the round of 16 (Bitmaru Broadcasting Support Center) of the ‘2023 Welcome Savings Bank Wellbang Championship’, where a lot of new faces appeared, only three of the 10 champions, Jaeho Cho, Maminkam, and Wonjun Choi, remained.

The round of 16 was compressed into a match between Jung Hae-chang and Nogo in Group A, Lee Sang-dae and Jung Gwang-pil , Kang Seong-ho and Karion in Group B, Lim Seong-kyun and Choi Won-joon, Jo Jae-ho and Park Dong-joon in Group C, Maminkam and Park Han-ki and Kang Min-goo and Ko Sang-woon and Park In-soo and Choi Jun-ho in Group D.

For Kang Min-goo, Jjong was luck. But to Wimaz, it was the devil’s kiss.

5 final sets. Wimaz, who took the 3rd and 4th sets and chased them , ran to 5:1 with great momentum. It was 11 points and half the victory. 안전놀이터

However, Kang Min-goo had a hidden consideration. 6th attack after tying 5:5 with 3 consecutive hits. I hit it well, but it ended with a jjong, but it was scored because of the jjong.

The next attack also benefited. When the inner air was almost reached, the first object ball slightly pushed the second object ball. But rather, it was a move that made it fit for sure.

Thanks to the two rooms Kang Min-goo opened the way for a comeback with a score of 7:5 while hitting 6 consecutive hits. I was able to post the ninth point because of the strong wind.

Wimaz, who had an annoyed face as he watched Kang Min-goo passing by thanks to Jjong, Jjong blocked the road twice.

The one-bank put-in, which could be pursued again, was canceled with a jjong, and the 7th point was also a jeon and went wrong.

A situation where plus or minus 5 points can change the flow enough. It was more likely because Kang Min-goo threw a lot of empty hits over the next five innings.

However, Wimaz, who missed one, could not keep up with consecutive free hits.

Then, Kang Min-goo, who missed bank shots 3 times, scored 2 points with a one-bank throw-in-shaped ball that was ‘perfectly good’ in the 11th inning and finished the game 11:8.

Cho Jae-ho also struggled to advance to the round of 16. Jo Jae-ho and Lee Jong-joo split the first and second sets at 15:14, the 3rd inning of the 5th set. Cho Jae-ho scored 6 points with a score of 1-3-2, and Lee Jong-joo scored 6 points with 5 consecutive hits in 1 inning and 1 point in 3 innings.

Lee Jong-joo’s 7th run in 3rd innings narrowly missed. When it was over, it was a decisive blow.

Cho Jae-ho scored 2 points with a bold bank shot and hurt 5 points at once.

Due to a mistake in one queue, Jong-joo Lee stayed in the round of 32 and Jae-ho Cho advanced to the round of 16, receiving the pitiful gaze of his wife Lim Jeong-suk, who reached the quarterfinals of the LPBA.

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