Oh Hyun-gyu (Celtic) made his debut for Celtic, but the time was short at 13 minutes. In a short span of time, Oh Hyun-kyu captured the hearts of Celtic fans.

Oh Hyun-kyu made his debut in an away match in the 23rd round of the 2022/2023 Scottish Premiership against Dundee United held at Tanner Dyce Stadium in Dundee, England on the 30th (Korean time). In the 37th minute of the second half, he was replaced by Kyogo Fukuhashi and stepped on the ground. Celtic won 2-0 against Dundee.

He did not record an offensive point for 13 minutes until extra time. He did everything he could for a short time. Stable ball touch, active movement, and delivery cross toward Maeda Daizen in extra time showed good play. 안전놀이터

Celtic fans reacted tremendously to Oh Hyun-kyu’s debut. “A few touches of the ball, the cross towards Maeda was really cool. I’m excited to see more in the future,” and a Celtic fan said, “It’s like Korea’s Wayne Rooney.”

What is more surprising is Oh Hyun-kyu’s speed of adaptation. He has only been at Celtic for five days. He sometimes takes time to adapt to a new environment and new football, but looking at his performance before his debut, he is rather expected.

Oh Hyun-gyu speeds up his adaptation and challenges his first attack point. If he reports a goal quickly, the competition with Furuhashi as the starting pitcher is expected to be worth watching.

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